Office Moving – Things You Should Know

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Office Moving – Things You Should Know

moving your office to a new location is a complex process which involves a lot of communication, paper work, labor, preparation and money. The complexity of the work depends on the size of your office, number of employees and your business sector. Though professional office movers can help you in the moving process there are many things the business should take care themselves. This article covers many those things.

The Planning Phase

A sound relocation plan is essential for successful moving. The plan should cover things like date(s) of moving, things should be moved, arrangements at the new location, date of starting function at new location and the budget for moving. It is very important to ensure business continuity and customer satisfaction; so moving things on holidays and starting function on next working day at new location is the standard approach of most businesses. But this is a costly option as moving services are very busy on holidays and they charge higher for their services on those days. So a better option can be starting early by moving heavy and not-often needed items on last working day(s) in the existing office location. It is also very important to notify your service provider very early to shift services/equipment and/or to establish the same service at new location; most vendors require a one-month prior notice.

At Your Existing Office

There are plenty of things to do. You should communicate with your customers about the moving and date of starting function at new location. Assign tasks to employees to facilitate moving; like packing their own stuff. Create a team for co-ordination and for supervision of moving tasks. Get some packing boxes, pack things and label those. Organize or hire a technical team for dissembling and moving electronic and data processing equipment. Clear you dues with utilities, building owner, connectivity providers and other vendors. Create an inventory of items with proper classification; numbering furniture and other assets can be helpful. Make sure that sensitive data or documents are not moved together with other documents. Pack those separately and move those with good supervision and security.

Establishing in New Office

The process should start very early to actual moving. The processes includes creating layout, and installing counters, cabins and cubicles, proper networking, cleaning up, local publicity and establishing services. After the moving-in, unpacking and orderly arranging the stuff in the stipulated time-frame is important. So you should properly use your man-power with good co-ordination and supervision. Make sure to test equipment and systems to make sure they are working properly. Also, ensure that utilities are installed and proper infrastructure is there for your employees and customers. It is also a wise plan to first arrange your front office and other customer contact points.

Good planning and proper implementation can save you to of money; in fact also reduce any additional costs. Finding a good relocation service and guiding them according to your needs can also help you.


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