Hiring a Moving Service and 3 More Business Relocation Issues

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Hiring a Moving Service and 3 More Business Relocation Issues

Whether you run a manufacturing plant with hundreds of employees or a small online startup, there may one day come a time when you need to move your operation elsewhere. Maybe you’ve outgrown your current workspace. Maybe you’ve realized that another state is more business-friendly. Whatever the reason, you now have to confront the reality of relocation. There’s more to it than you probably thought. The first order of business is to hire a moving service. Once you’ve done that, however, greater challenges will be there for the conquering.

Hiring a moving Service
Finding a company willing to move your family is a cinch. Look in the phone book and you’ll have your pick of places ready to ship couches, boxes, and home furnishings anywhere you want to go. Relocating a business is another matter, or at least it can be. If you have only a small office, getting your stuff to your new location won’t be any more difficult than it would be for your house. Larger businesses are going to have to search a bit harder to find the right company. It can be done, though. Talk to other business owners who have made a big move and ask for some recommendations.

Replacing Employees
It goes without saying that not all of your employees are going to make the move with you. This is inevitable. This is especially true if you aren’t prepared to shell out bonuses to pay for their relocation. In that case, you will be lucky if any of your employees go along. You’ll need to replace them, and you need to be ready for that turnover before you get to your destination.

Keeping Your Business Running
Unless you have the kind of savings that can allow you to shut down for a month or more, you’re probably going to need to keep both your old location and your new location running simultaneously for some time. This can be stressful and difficult, but it is a necessity. You may even want to consider keeping both locations open indefinitely, if it is practical. An expanding and growing business is one that won’t soon go under.

Sticker Shock
Even if you find a moving service willing to meet your demands for a reasonable price, you need to be ready for some degree of sticker shock. Remember how expensive it was to open your business originally? You’re getting ready to face some of those costs again.


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