7 Questions To Ask Your Moving Service Before Things Get Rolling

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7 Questions To Ask Your Moving Service Before Things Get Rolling

Hiring a moving service? It’s not so hard – at least not nearly as hard as all that darn packing you’ll have to do. To make it simple during this busy time, here are 7 key questions that you should ask them before the signing of anything.

How Much Will This Run Me?

While nobody in their right mind would ever forget to ask a moving service how much it costs, you need to go a bit further than that. When they give you a quote, find out exactly what it includes, and what it’s based on. Usually they will base the price on the distance you’re going and the weight of your stuff. Make sure that this estimate includes every single fee that they could possibly tack on there. You don’t want any surprises when they hand you the bill.

Is There Any Way We Could Make That Cheaper?

This question usually follows the last one. And it’s well worth asking, because often there are ways to make it cheaper – sometimes MUCH cheaper. A moving service will usually have some deals and discounts, and they’ll usually work with you on the price if you can be a bit flexible. For example, lightening the load will usually lower the price, so if you can make a trip or two in your car, that might help. They also have off times when they’re looking for work. If you can plan around their schedule, you may be able to save some money.

Can I Get That In Writing?

“That” means the estimate. Make sure that whatever the moving service tells you, they write down and give to you. Keeping this cataloged in your own records will benefit you in case something goes wrong.

Are You Fully Licensed and Insured?

This is a really important question. Make sure they have liability for their own workers; if they don’t, YOU do. That means that if somebody gets hurt on the job, guess who’s paying?

What’s Your Registration Number?

Every mover in the US has to be registered with the United States Department of Transportation, and each company is given an identification number. Keep this for reference just in case you need it. It may be printed on the invoices and forms that you fill out.

What’s Our Timeframe Here?

Movers are busy people and they don’t like for things to wander off schedule. Find out exactly when they’re coming to get your stuff and make sure that you’re ready. They’ll usually contact you for a confirmation a few weeks before to make sure that everything’s on track. Put all of these important dates on your calendar and start packing as early as possible. Movers don’t like it when things run late.

Do I Have To Be There?

Usually, they’ll ask you to be physically present when they start the move. You should ask them to make sure, and also ask them if you’re required to be there for the duration of the move. For insurance and liability reasons, they may require you to be present during all loading and unloading. Find out and plan around it.

Once you’ve asked the moving service these questions, you’re all set. Now all you have to do is pack up all of your stuff, make arrangements for relocating and changing addresses, save up a pile of money to cover all moving expenses, and then unpack and organize everything at your new home. Good luck!


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