3 Things to Consider When Engaging Moving Services

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3 Things to Consider When Engaging Moving Services

Engaging the services of professional movers can be daunting especially for first timers. There are a lot of things you have to do at your end before moving on to their end. You may have even heard of bad experiences of your family and friends. With so many moving companies you can choose from, things are even more complicated. So what are some things to consider when engaging moving services?

Doing a background check on them

Before you even step into the office to engage their service, you should conduct your own background checks on them. This can be in the form of word-of-mouth from family and friends as well as comments and reviews from online forums. You should gather as much information as you can on areas such as the cost, service before and after as well as their efficiency and ability to keep to promises. With this part checked, you can then move on to visiting them at their office.

Question and answer

When you are at their office, do a brief scan of the premise to get some simple information such as the condition and the amount of orders they have. If the whole office is cold and quiet, it may be due to a lack of people engaging them for various reasons. On the other hand, an extremely busy one could mean that the service provided to you may not be as good due to their urgency to pick, go and unload. Ask them questions about the services they provide, price estimates and the ability to do last minute add-ons. This will provide you with a rough estimate of the pricing and give you some flexibility to make changes without having to pay a rocket high price.

Check with complaints registry

After you have short-listed a few potential moving companies, it’s time to move on to doing a check with the complaints registry. You are able to check for any complaints directed to that particular moving company, what it is about and what are the follow up actions of that company. If there are too many complaints for a certain company, you should forget about it and strike it off your list.

The 3 steps above are simple yet important things you should consider prior to engaging the services of a moving company. It is a competitive market out there and many are offering low rates but the service rendered will be poor. To enable you to get the most value for money package, do your own research.


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