3 Things to Consider When Booking Moving Services in Your Geographical Area

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Hiring a moving company can be costly, but the work they offer counters the headaches of hiring a truck, asking family members or friends to help you move. You can definitely lower the cost of a move if you do all the packing yourself, hence Although hiring professional movers costs money, a lot of it depends on the moving services you choose, as they include varying amounts of risk, time and effort on your part.


All moving companies should be liable for any damage caused by their responsibilities. This excludes things like jewels, money, deeds, documents, plants and live animals. Antiques, art objects and other special conditions apply. If you are looking for additional insurance, you need to contact your home insurance broker or renters insurance agent. Let them know you are relocating and they should cover your items in transit.
Any visible damage must be filed as soon as you notice. Many companies will have their own Carrier liability coverage or waiver, depending if you did the packing yourself.

If that happens, many movers will load your packed boxes into the truck but will not cover in case of damage. Since the mover do not know if the items INSIDE the box are in good shape or not, the mover waive himself from any liability. For all visible furniture, it is recommended to note the damage directly on the work order and should be confirmed by the moving foreman of the team you had relocating your items. Concealed damage must be reported within a certain amount of time after the move in writing to the moving company. An moving agent will require the bill of lading of that item, will ask for the SKU number to determine the weight of the item. It is important to know that any complaints filed after a certain period, usually will not be answered because the insurance coverage usually expires. Please note that not all moving companies have the same insurance coverage, so check to see what the coverage is.

Getting additional quotes can save you money

A great plan to save money price wise is to get several quotes from various moving companies. However, be cautious on the ones who low ball the quote to get you as a customer and then take your furniture hostage if you don’t pay the increased cost. Many unscrupulous companies advertise low hourly or daily packages for moves, but do not give all the cost factors. The bill you pay ends up listing more items than you originally thought.

You should also look at past performances and then break that list down to choose which one is right for you. You should ask every companies to provide you with their USDOT license # to determine if they are registered with the Department of Transportation as a legal carrier. You need to read moving reviews available on the net prior to selecting the mover. Always get accurate estimates. They are always free from reputable moving companies.

moving Choices

Because of the years of abuse of unscrupulous moving companies taking advantage of customers, other alternatives popped-up in the market and provides several choices to customers. We have the PODS, SAMS, and other portable containers that replaces the use of actual movers and allows you, the customer, to take control of your whole move. However, you will have to perform all the packing, the loading, and unloading of all your items. You will need to work hard and do most of it yourself, except the driving part. You can also rent moving trucks if needed and do basically everything that a mover would do at a fraction of the price but at a higher risk for your health. You will need to lift all furniture, drive the behemoth vehicle to destination, and hoping that nothing really happens between locations,(no accident), you can then unload if you still have the energy.

moving is not easy, and to save a few dollars, you will have to put a lot in jeopardy. The good and ethical movers are easy to work with, and to guarantee yourself NOT to be the next victim, you need to do your due diligence research about each mover prior to selecting them.

As with anything, the more you would like, the more it will cost, but it is great to know you have options.

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